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You can customize a suit for yourself wedding dress

  Not a day goes by where we don’t meet lovely brides who are ready to commit to their dream wedding dress, but have big goals to lose lots of weight.

  Most brides see their weight loss plan as a huge barrier to purchasing their wedding dress right away, even if time is not on their side. On average, it can take about 8 months before a gown is ready to go home with you (this includes ordering and alterations). So waiting until the very last minute to order your dress is not a wise decision — this limits your options and can cause some unnecessary stress.

  Your best bet would be to allow yourself to fall in love with the Mia Solano wedding dress that makes your feel special and beautiful just the way you are. Then, purchase your gown in your current size with plans to alter the gown later after you reach your goal.

  After all, a good alterations specialist can work with you after you’ve reached your weight loss goal to make the dress fit perfectly again. So please, don’t let weight come between you and a dress that makes you feel like the bride you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

  If you insist on waiting until the last minute to find a wedding dress, try to find your dress at least 3 months before the wedding date. At this point, you should have gotten everything else on your list of things to do out of the way. While putting yourself last might seem like the humble thing to do, it really can be a challenge. You are now forced to match your wedding day look with all the other details that you planned, instead of the other way around.

  While many brides will select bridesmaids dresses and theme colors that complement their own attire, your options may be limited if you wait until the last minute. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find a beautiful gown.

  Do not wait until the very last minute to order your dress. Just make sure you give yourself time to shop as well as time for any necessary alterations.