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  Shopping for the perfect Bridal gown is often the most exciting part of planning a wedding. Shopping for a Mother’s dress. Not so much. For many Moms, shopping for a dress for themselves is intimidating and over-whelming.

  Feeldress has been outfitting Brides and bridal parties in the Champaign-Urbana area for over 30 years. We are experts on dressing men and women for all occasions, and we are pretty good at it. So to all the terrified Mothers out there. We hear you.

  Here are the top 5 shopping dilemmas from past Mothers and what we will focus on in order to overcome them:

  1) “I hate my___________”: Good quality, designer mother of the bride dresses are designed to hide all the things you hate. There are modern, NON-matronly styles out there. Many with beautiful necklines and sleeves to help you hide cleavage and arms, and ruched waistlines to help you hide your tummy.

  Focus on: The things you LOVE about your body. Maybe it is your legs, your waist, your skin color, or even just your face. We will find a style that helps highlight your body and your style and focus less on the things you dislike.

  2) “I don’t want to wear a boring old color”:  Have you ever heard the old saying “Wear beige and keep your mouth shut”. Whether your the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom, that old sentiment certainly doesn’t translate to modern day moms.

  Focus On: What the wedding party is wearing. Try wearing a complimenting color to the wedding party. For example; if the bridesmaids are wearing royal blue, try navy. Girls in bright turquoise? Go for a deeper teal. And never be afraid to wear black. That’s right…BLACK. It’s always been known as a flattering color, and you will match the gentlemen wearing black tuxedos. Designer dresses, like those pictured here come to dozens of colors. So go ahead…choose whatever great color you want, even if it is beige.

  3) “That doesn’t look like me”: Trying to wear something that really isn’t your style, just because you think you should might spell disaster.  Experience has shown that moms trying to wear the “just this one time” style are by most accounts…miserable.

  Focus on: What makes you comfortable. If your style is more simple, wear something simple. If you normally go for the bright, sparkly bling, then by all means, that is what everyone expects from you. Find a style that flatters your body, but more importantly flatters your style and personality, and stay true to who you are.

  4) “I don’t know what will look good on me”:  Bridal shoppes have professional stylists who will know what looks good on you. Don’t be embarrassed by your size or ashamed to tell them your flaws and fears.

  Focus on: Trusting the professionals. They can help you pick the style that is right for you. They see people of all ages and sizes every day. Every mom looking for the perfect gown wants the “Taller, Skinner, and Younger-Looking” version of themselves. Asking for help, whether it is about style, color, size or the appropriateness of your choice, is important. You will likely not get good advice from a department store clerk with no experience.

  5) “There is just not a good selection to choose from”: Are you tried of the poor selection you have found everywhere else?

  Focus on: Attending Feeldress Event.Mom’s Aisle Style dresses is a specially designed event focused on helping Mothers of the Bride and Groom shop and purchase their gowns.

  Feeldress will be receiving the newest collections from the designers at Mori Lee, Mori Lee Couture and Jasmine Black Label for a limited engagement, August 18th-20th. During this event there is an extraordinary selection of gowns not normally available in the store to choose from. Gowns featured at the event are usually only “on loan” to the store to try, so plan on needing to special order the size and color you want. Attending an event has additional perks too, including a 15% discount on your purchase.

  Don’t let the horrors of department store shopping ruin your opportunity to find the perfect mother of the bride dresses. Get amazing and professional help choosing your Mother’s gown at our {Mom’s Aisle Style} event by send e-mail  support@feeldress.com and booking an appointment or request an appointment online feeldress store.