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Vera Wang Wedding Dress Trends Every 2016 Bride Should Know

Although there is also a running list of outfits we wouldn't want to be married in, the designs we saw during Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2016 won't be making it on there any time soon. The dresses  and a few suits!  were still somewhat classic silhouettes but with a modern twist, meeting that happy medium between fashion forward and tradition. So what are some big trends brides will be wearing down the aisle this time next season? Keep reading to find out.
Happy Tiers
The Trend: Poofy princess isn't anything new in the wedding dress world, but thanks to a few additional layers, this classic trend got a fresh spin. Tiers were spotted on almost every shape, from ball gown to trumpet, adding some volume in an unexpected way.
Collection: Vera Wang 2016
Take the Plunge
The Trend: Deep Vs are already popular on the red carpet, so it only makes sense that they'd pop up on the runway as well. This revealing look isn't for the faint of heart ?a or for those with conservative members of the family but the sexy cut will be one everyone will remember years down the road.
Layer Love
The Trend: Perhaps Solange Knowles started something with her caped wedding outfit, because many designers are now following suit. Whether it's a cape, a train, or a top layer, that extra material will amp up even the most basic of gowns, giving off an angelic vibe.