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Were different cocktail dresses in different party time

There are lots of cocktail parties and semi-formal or black tie occasions in western coutries, it is usual for women to wear a cocktail in such occasions. As a result, party time comes often to western life. People usually wear special custom for a party time, it is called a cocktail dress.
The length of a cocktail dress is as long as reaching the ankle, cocktail dress which is 5cm above the ankle is called tea length, while touches the ankle is called ballerina length. no matter how long the skirt is, different cocktail dress has different beauty, and the most important thing is that women should chose the best to suitable for their bodyline and temperament, to chose a right cocktail is a difficult art,because cocktail is an art. women will think about lots of things, such as which kind person they would meet on the party, what’s the features of the party and so on, usually a woman will have more than one cocktail to attend different occasions, but as we talked, cocktail is an art, so it is expensive, to have more than one cocktail dress is not easy for middle income family, but shopping online has solved many shopping problems which caused by expensive price. biydress.com is a Chinese online seller who offers different styles of cocktail dresses, you can always found one which is just for you, and make your party time wonderful.
Now, we will introduce some cocktail dresses sold on biydress.
Square Neckline Ruffled Mini Cocktail Dress
Square Neckline Ruffled Mini Cocktail Dress
Square Neckline Ruffled Mini Cocktail Dress is a A-line dress with tight bodice and flower shaped skirt, there is no sleeves or straps on the shoulder,reeking out charming of a woman’s shoulder and collarbone, there are full of artifical flowers made from cloth, elegant and graceful. there is a zipper on the back, so you can easily put on it or remove it.
Sweetheart Strapless Mini Cocktail Dress
Sweetheart Strapless Mini Cocktail Dress
Sweetheart Strapless Mini Cocktail Dress on biydress.com is a sweetheart neckline skirt, we can see from the picture, it is a very fashion style, the sweetheart neckline highlight the sexy line of the  model’s breast and collarbone, this is a high waist line skit, it is combined with black and white, the sweetheart shape is in black, but the skirt is in white, white is a simple and common color, but the curly train of the skirt makes it not simple but elegant and charming. This is a good dress for party time when you are attending close friends’ party. Bracelet is a good friend to this dress, it will make the dress more beautiful, so don’t forget to wear one if you chose this dress.

Different occasions need different cocktail dress, above are two different styles for different occasions, view more wonderful cocktail dress,come to biydres, you will find there are so many beautiful clothing there!