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Loverly Colored Wedding Gown In The Summer Wedding

  The Predecessor of white floor length wedding gown is a custom of catholicism. Some of  ancient Eurpean courtries were Caesaropapism, new couples would not be legal unless they go to church and get blessings and prays from father or priest. In 1960s, royal  Count Richry Ireland fell in love with a poor lady name rose at the first sight, but the royalty did not allowed them to marry, they presented rough requirements such as asking Miss rose to made a sacred white gown whose length must as long as the distance from the witness spot to the gate of the church, Miss Rose finished the gown with 16m length in one night on the help of local villager. Royalty was touched by her action, then their marriage got permitted, the had a fairy wedding ceremony, that white gown was the first wedding dress in this world

  Later, England Queen Victory put on her unique white wedding gown on her wedding ceremony, after that, white wedding gown became a formal wedding custom, white is a symbol of genuine and purity, People from all over the world wear white custom to celebrate their marriage.

  White wedding in church has been a tradion for wedding,brides usually chose white to make the big day pure and sacred.

  But for those who like uniqu, tradition is no longer attractive, they would like to try something new , as fashionchanges in different times, more and more different newfashion come around, simple white can no longer meetthe demand for brides who like more colorful ceremony.

  This summer, we will enter into a new colorful wedding gown world, colorful style is full of changes, aboundant of colors with unique design will reveal different personality of each bride. Light champagne is full of attractive romantic temperament, luxury siliver is full of modernity, sparkle light blue is pattern is an excellent way to express characteristic of the bride.

  KITTYCHEN Couture - Style Autumn H1232 is a rose red colored wedding gown from Biydress,

  Jacket Included

  Fabric: Tulle

  Available Colors: Red, White, Ivory



  Style:Fit And Flare

  It looks like an enthusiastic girl, white is a symbol of pure and sacred while red is enthusiastic, it shows passionate love between the new couples, red sweetheart, and mermaid bodice adds more charming to it. Pleated skirt monarch train make it grand sacred.

  As more and more lovers would like to try something new in their ceremony, it’s surely that KITTYCHEN Couture - Style Autumn H1232 will be more and more popular to new couples.