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Martina Liana Style: Which Types Of Dresses Are The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Big Day

  There are many key factors to consider when searching for a wedding dress and today I am going to help you crack the code in finding the perfect wedding dress for your big day with the help of Martina Liana.

  Not only will I help you understand which types of dresses will work with your figure, I will also be revealing some of my favorite dresses from the Martina Liana collection .

  If you’re a ‘classic pear’ , you will likely spend the majority of your clothes-wearing days trying to hide or slim-down your bottom and hip area. For you, finding your perfect wedding dress is all about balance.

  You most likely have a good waist, so to pull focus on that area rather than the bit below, you want to create width across your shoulders to balance out your hips, accentuate your diddy waist, and create the illusion of an hour-glass.

  Soft A-line skirt or ball gown, which gives an amazing fit in the upper torso area  are your friends. I would avoid slinky, bias-cut dresses that show off every lump and bump. You can choose Martina Liana 572/520 and so on.

  If you’re busty, a sweetheart neckline is a lovely choice since it doesn’t create a blunt line across your decolletage (which can make it look shelf-like), plus this neckline won’t show too much cleavage either. It’s also important to look for a matte fabric as shiner blends like organza and satin can create the illusion of an exaggerated bust.

  I recommend you stay away from high necklines and fuller skirts, and go for something a little more shape-showing; soft fishtails, dropped waists, open necklines and some sort of strap or capped sleeve all work well.

  If you don’t have curves or straight up and down, it’s all about creating the illusion of curves when it comes to finding your ideal wedding dress. For you, the classic fishtail will make the eye believe you go in at the waist, out over your hips and back in again to create that sexy, ‘womanly’ shape. Maybe Martina Liana 595/600 is your friend.

  If you have an hourglass figure, lucky for you, nearly any cut will work with your figure (you can thank your mother later). If you want to play up your curves, Pitera suggests looking for a mermaid style silhouette with a fitted bodice or a ball gown to show off your well-defined waist.

  You may feel you’re not able to categorise yourself so easily but hopefully there will have been something there you can relate to. Finding the right dress for yourself is so difficult, then you can contact me by click biydress, I will give you the best advice.